“Gems”: Helpful tips for you

Hi, here are some helpful tips from Emerald Interiors..

  • Sometimes you need to colour outside the lines
  • “The essence of taste is suitability” — Edith Wharton
  • Purchase the best quality furniture you can afford
  • Purchase the largest and most expensive items first and co-ordinate the colours and style around them
  • Hang a chandelier about 30-36″ above the table top. For example, a large fixture taking up a lot of visual space may need to be moved up further than a small one.
  • A rule of thumb for hanging art is to have the centre 60 – 65″ from the floor, on the low side if you mostly sit in the space, higher if you stand
  • The term “rule of thumb” was derived from various uses of the thumb as an imprecise but reasonably reliable measurement…such as woodworkers using the width of their thumbs instead of rulers (not today, hopefully!) or farmers using the depth of their thumb to plant seeds.
  • Buy thick white bath towels so you can use them in any bathroom. Just colour match the hand/display towels to the room.
  • Mix patterns (large with small, stripes with prints etc) and styles (antique with contemporary for example) to add character to a room. But do it with planning.